While I was scanning some stuff I thought it'd be fun to scan my face. 1) I didn't want to press my oily face onto the glass 2) I didn't know how long I had to keep my face still.



source: http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/9981/1/toro-y-moi-recommends

It's funny because I've reblogged Chaz Bundick's face many times on tumblr (ofc unaware that he is Toro y Moi), but March was the first time I've heard his music and I'm hooked on it like those cookies and cream Hershey's bars.


2014, Hongdae, Nikon-FG, Kodak Portra 400

I've been thinking a lot about Korea lately. All the things I miss seeing (like old people casually exercising at 2am) or the things I can't believe I did (like getting tipsy at Han river at 4am and then proceeding to sleep on a park bench). I guess I miss the nature of being somewhere where I had no safe option, because being in Korea with no fluency in the language or having no one I was able to just sit and hide away with made me pretty uncomfortable. I had to face myself when things got pretty dark, because I guess no one really experiences this kind of realization unless they find themselves having to order food in another language, and playing a game of charades with the grandma who only knows how to say hi in english. I'm sure I haven't changed much in terms of how I walk or talk. I definitely didn't become mysterious or worldly after this trip. But I feel like I'm able to make more decisions clearly and whole-heartedly after those 48 days in Korea.

Suddenly, but not really suddenly, I'm given the opportunity to study in Japan this time. My wallet definitely disagrees, my parents still don't actually believe I'm going and I've got people left and right of me echoing their opinions of why this trip isn't worth going. The thing about Korea was that I really had nothing to gain in going. People were courteously encouraging me, but no one really cared. It was my first decision that I made that was 100% was for myself. And Tokyo is too.

I don't think pushing back experiences in place of safer ones guarantees you a future.

I'm losing my way in this post but I just had a conversation with Brenda about an hour ago about how one day is all it takes to do something. And I don't know, it kinda just stuck with me. Now I'm trying to remember a quote I read but I don't remember and it's 4:25pm and I'm excited for boba.